• Tunnel Vision and the Harsh Realm of Everyday Occupation (11/14/2011) - Everything we do on a personal scaleTaking ‘we’ to mean everyone who ever existedIs the basis for everything wrong in this worldAnd of course everything are right as well.-Citizen Fish, “Small Scale Wars” This last six weeks has been anĀ  era, crammed into a collection of moments and meetings, distilled into a concentrate of apprehension, […]
  • “Optimism is the Opiate of the People” (9/2/2011) - (from The Joke by Milan Kundera, quoted in Smile or Die by Barbara Ehrenreich) I am not on the cutting edge of anything, which is why two important books that came out in the last year are suddenly on my mind now after a recent afternoon at The Strand: The Adventures of Unemployed Man by Erich Origen & Gan Golan and Bright-sided: […]
  • You Can’t Always Get What You Want (8/30/2011) - “I’m done making plans. I’m just gonna see where the wind blows me,” is what my boyfriend casually said the other night, a little sentiment loaded with meaning beyond simple existentialism or wanderlust. We are recovering from a brief separation where, in a fit of emotional exhaustion, I declared that we would be better off […]
  • Get a F*#@^%g Job! (8/12/2011) - I am taking a lap around the office building where I am scheduled to participate in a ceremony whose elusive nature inspires the kind of frantic self-inventory and confusion typically reserved for the morning after a drunken one night stand: the second interview. I am 35 minutes early and looking to demonstrate confident punctuality rather than […]