Breaking Up With the Sad Men

Slow Show was the only song by indie rock band The National that I listened to before I moved to Cincinnati. It found its way onto a playlist that I liked to listen to in the come-down hours after a psychedelic trip. The playlist was made of a bunch of love songs that felt musically […]

Voting Isn’t Enough

As I take up this new project, I think it is a great time to reflect on where I stand and acknowledge what some of my close friends would call contradictions – that voting legitimizes a profoundly racist and violent system, that the two parties are ultimately the same, that the Democrat Party expects the votes of working class and minority voters but rarely delivers on its promises to them. It is easy to empathize with this perspective because it is rooted in true events that most of us have experienced or observed, whether we vote or not.

Hannah and Gil

She was a compelling novelty and he loved novels, but the best part of reading about a character’s chaotic and dangerous life is when you can put the book back on the shelf and be grateful your own life is so gray and repetitive.

Interview on the Southpaw Podcast

Last week I had the pleasure of being a guest on the Southpaw podcast discussing my book, muay Thai training, mental illness, and my political trajectory. Sam is a phenomenal interviewer who opened up space for deeper reflection on my experience and managed to corral me when my flight of thought wandered a little too […]

All I Want is Freedom and Love

6/24/2021 I don’t remember much about the teacher anymore. The contours of his face and the shape of his hands have blown away like top soil in a drought, non-native particles dispersed in some dust, deposited on a windshield far from their origin. What remains of him has been distilled into a simple question, filed […]

Trauma As a Metaphor

For what the ancients called “the sins of the fathers” we today call ‘intergenerational trauma’. For what the ancients called “sin” we today call ‘epigenetics’. History matters because it’s not about the past, it’s about us. — Pongadisorn Jamerbsin Trauma is real. Ask someone with a PTSD diagnosis what it feels like when they are […]