History of the Thai Pro-Democracy Movement

Despite attempts by Thailand’s elites to cast ordinary Thais as docile, obedient, and uninterested in politics, evidence of resistance to exploitation and domination in the region pre-dates the formation of the Thai state. The popular uprising that spread across Thailand starting in July 2020 traces its lineage back to the Red Shirt political movement that […]

Shame and the Liberals

I’m writing this as a distraction from checking in on the election results. It’s mostly directed at educated white liberals who insist on seeing this close election as evidence that 50% of the population are racists. I am arguing for greater compassion and empathy, and meeting people where they are at cuz calling someone a […]

It’s Not a Crisis, It’s an Opportunity

I started the Facebook page Housing Justice Headlines in early 2019 as a way to aggregate and share all of the articles I was reading related to the housing crisis. As a public page, anyone can see what I post, so I expected to eventually get some angry comments about Sharia Law or building walls. I was […]

Dear Instacart Shopper: You are Being Exploited

((you are not alone)) I was never naïve enough to think I could make $25/hour delivering groceries, but that didn’t stop me from applying for a job…I mean contracting my personal shopping and delivery services…with Instacart. Times are tough and those of us who have not been lucky…I mean entrepreneurial enough…to nail downfull-time work are […]

Blessed Are the Poor [In Spirit]?

There are several New Testament Bible verses where Jesus proclaims blessings unto the poor and woe unto the rich, many of which I knew about long before converting to Catholicism. We can see them in the Beatitudes of Matthew (Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.) and in the […]

Solidarity is the Only Therapy

I originally set out to write a short essay about unemployment and positive psychology. It’s not as if I haven’t written about these things before (like on the eve of Occupy Wall Street), but my return to an unemployed state (“job hunter”) this summer very nearly made me forget something important: the lack of living […]

Collected Scraps of Paper

The following is a constellation of ideas and reflections, based on recent conversations with people I care about and influenced by several books, essays, and blogs I have read recently and in the past five years. I don’t want to drop names or structure this in a formal footnoted way, so if you recognize yourself […]

About Tuesday Morning…

We waited east of the camp for our friends to show up, smoking cigarettes so familiarly in front of an unremarkable bar that was self-consciously empty. Striding up the blocks, four, three, two…military formations of riot police march up our sidewalk, going in our same direction. Stomach acid adrenaline and panic and now we are […]