We Need Radical Self-Love For This Fight

As I write this conclusion in the little bedroom of the Covid-safe friend pod, Trump and his followers are waging yet another war on reality, denying the legitimacy of Biden’s election victory. More than 100,000 cases of Covid-19 are reported every day in every part of the US. The 24 hour cable news cycle is […]

Collected Scraps of Paper

The following is a constellation of ideas and reflections, based on recent conversations with people I care about and influenced by several books, essays, and blogs I have read recently and in the past five years. I don’t want to drop names or structure this in a formal footnoted way, so if you recognize yourself […]

About Tuesday Morning…

We waited east of the camp for our friends to show up, smoking cigarettes so familiarly in front of an unremarkable bar that was self-consciously empty. Striding up the blocks, four, three, two…military formations of riot police march up our sidewalk, going in our same direction. Stomach acid adrenaline and panic and now we are […]